After the all destruction caused by hurricane sandy the New York Marathon is still set to take place just a few days after. But not all New Yorkers are happy with the decision.

Hurricane Sandy has left so many people still without power in the NY/NJ area and according to Mayor Bloomberg announced the New York City marathon is still set to occur this weekend. This year the marathon is dedicated “to helping the communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy” but still a lot of New Yorkers are not thrilled that energy and supplies are going to use towards a race instead of those who are in need.

From an outside stand point I think continuing on with the marathon as a positive thing. It appears the money will go to a good cause and giving the people something other than fallen trees and disaster to focus on seems like a good way to lift some spirits. However, I do not live in NYC and can’t understand the frustration the people are feeling. I like to believe I know what they are going through since my Fedex package will now be a day late due to the storm, but I’ve been told that’s not exactly the same thing.



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