One of them even took home the #1 spot on the list...

Cheryl Gerber/NOAA/Scott Olson, Getty Images
Cheryl Gerber/NOAA/Scott Olson, Getty Images

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and as we anticipate Hurricane Irma and Jose I was surfing around on the net trying to get a gauge on where the Capital Region stands in the likelihood of getting ravaged by a natural disaster. While searching I found that we are mostly prone to flooding, a few small tornadoes, mudslides, and some ice storms but living in the North East I feel like those kind of come with the territory.

What I found particularly interesting was this list that I came across from a few years back that listed the '10 Safest U.S. Cities from Natural Disasters'. The list has 2 Upstate New York cities taking high spots on the list. With one not too far down the thruway from us coming at #1.

The criteria for the list consisted of:

Cities around the country with the lowest risk of being flooded, rocked by earthquakes, battered by hurricanes, struck with tornadoes or burned by wildfires.

While three of the top 10 were actually located in Ohio two cities in Upstate New York made the top 5! Now keep in mind the criteria said nothing about snow and boy has Upstate had their fair share of it not just like, always, but definitely in the last couple of years.

Coming at at #4 on the list was Buffalo where flooding was their greatest risk saying:

Floods can hit any state, but these places just tend to see less of it. That includes Buffalo, although the city hard on the edge of Lake Erie is prone to heavy snow.

However, I was really surprised to see that the #1 safest city on the list was Syracuse. Where it literally snows like all day every day for like 8 months out of he year. Okay, okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but I lived there and let me tell you it sure felt like it. The list gave them the number one spot because:

Syracuse is located in a pocket of upstate New York that just doesn't see much in the way of natural disasters. There's little flooding, no wildfires, no hurricanes, no earthquakes and no tornadoes. The area was recently hit with heavy storms that caused some damage, but even then the National Weather Service debunked the idea of a tornado touching down.

Now, I don't think that is entirely true anymore because I know there a few that have touched down int parts of Central New York over the last couple of years. But if the 'Cuse is the safest city in the states we have got to be in a fairly decent spot here in the Capital Region, right?

Are you worried about the chance of a natural disaster ravishing the Capital Region or do you feel fairly safe? Let us know in the comments...

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