So yesterday, for the most part, seemed to be a pretty uneventful storm. Sure the roads were a bit slippery, where they bad enough for a snow day though?

The first thing I thought yesterday was, really kids are getting a snow day because of this. Man kids are so lucky nowadays. Now, this next statement may sound like that of a 75-year-old but, we had to have at least a solid 5 inches of snow to get a day off as a kid. I was talking about this topic with many co-workers yesterday and they threw out "well its the last day before the holiday break". I don't buy that line.

Sure the storm did get stronger as the day went on but I don't know if it really ever got bad enough for a snow day. Now, of course, I would rather see the kids be safe and if being on the roads isn't then yeah, stay home. I just know I was on the roads around 5 AM, 8 AM and 6 PM. Each of those times the roads were plenty drivable. Many were being cautious but the roads looked to just seem wet.

Am I wrong? What are your thoughts?

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