Emma Anzai from the Sick Puppies called in to talk a bit about Christmas Chaos 2016, taking lead on vocals for a song off their new album 'Fury', the Presidential Election, and pranksters on the road.

Sick Puppies UCH revised

We are just a few weeks away from Q103's Christmas Chaos 2016 which, in my opinion the best holiday party of the year.  I mean how do you go wrong when you get to spend some quality time with your Q family rocking it out to the Sick Puppies, Trapt, Jim Breuer and the Loud and Rowdy, and Citizen Zero for only $15 dollars? You can't really right?

I got a chance to catch up with Emma Anzai the bassist and founding member of the Sick Puppies before she comes to melt our faces at the Upstate Concert Hall on December 14th to talk a bit about what we can expect from the band at Christmas Chaos, an outsiders perspective on the recent presidential election, Emma taking lead for an entire song off their new album 'Fury', and of course all the shenanigans they encounter on the road! Check out our full conversation below and don't forget to get you tickets to Q103's Christmas Chaos 2016 (which you can get by clicking HERE).