Do not count Skillet out ... ever! The success of the band's most recent album Unleashed should be all the proof you need that the group is going strong with a solid fanbase behind them ready to support their music.

During a recent chat with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, frontman John Cooper discussed the album's success, as well as other topics. "It's so exciting. I'm just so happy to be playing music at all," says Cooper of the sales returns for Unleashed. "It's such a privilege to play music and to me it shows that the fans are engaged in what we're doing and we don't have to follow the trends ... We can sing about what we believe."

Later in the interview, Gonzalez spoke with Cooper about their current hit single "Back From the Dead," which the vocalist admits was a surprise to make the record and isn't the typical song you usually get from the band.

"Most of what we do is very serious. Our music is theatrical and people will say it's uplifting or whatever they call it, and this song is really kind of tongue-in-cheek. It's just fun. It's kind of like our 'Kickstart My Heart' song," says Cooper. He went on to reveal that the track was a bit of a "clap back" at a promoter who was telling him that "rock is dead" and that alternative rock was where things were heading.

Cooper says he was kind of surprised when the promoter was touting an alternative band that had sold fewer tickets than Skillet had sold and he was inspired to write the song as a response to that "Rock is dead" argument.

"I couldn't believe it made the record because it was kind of a joke and it was kind of my 'screw you' to this guy and it got on this record. So this song is for you, you know who you are," says Cooper.

Cooper also spoke about the band's plans to join Korn and Stone Sour on the "Summer of Serenity" tour, fanning out a bit over playing with Korn. "They're probably the best band I've ever seen live and I'm so thrilled they're having us," says Cooper, who also spoke of the benefits of having such an eclectic lineup.

The singer also discussed his horror movie collection and more in the interview posted above, so check it out in the video above.

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