I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this video. There are pasty little booties and they are being flippidy flopped all about with total disregard. I'm not sure if these girls are really Russian or not I just assumed the strange lettering of "пашатынестой" was Russian. I'm not a doctor I can't decipher every country's text. I'm also not completely sure if this is what twerking is. I just know It's got my attention and I can't look away.

Lets focus on the important stuff here, there is a large group of skinny white girls treating their bottoms like paint cans that have been sitting in the garage for 3 weeks. They need the proper mixing and this song plus pink underpants is the only combination that can do that. I like this video for the soul reason of knowing that right now somewhere  there is a room full of very proud fathers.

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