Winter Weather Warning! Do NOT attempt to walk on ice unless it is at least 3 inches think. When in doubt, stay out!

On January 13th, according to a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) press release, a New York man watched his dog fall through the ice in Herkimer County. In an attempt to save the dog, the owner ended up in the frigid water as well. This is what happened.

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On Saturday January 13th a 59-year-old man from Cold Brook, NY was enjoying the day outside with his dog. The pair were walking the land around Hinckley Reservoir in the town of Russia, NY when all of a sudden the man sees his dog fall through the ice.

Immediately the man went after his dog in a kayak. In an attempt to reach his pooch, the kayak overturns and now the man and his dog are in the freezing water.

518 news, New York State ice rescue, Hinckley Reservoir, Herkimer County, man and dog fall through ice

Reports indicate that, as DEC officials were responding to the 911 call, a Good Samaritan saw what happened and didn't hesitate to try to save the pair. The 42-year-old from Cold Harbor, NY grabbed a second kayak and some rope and was able to pull the drowning man to safety.

The Good Samaritan went back for the dog and was able to reach him with the second kayak. He got the dog into the kayak but the rescuer was so cold he could not move.

518 news, New York State ice rescue, Hinckley Reservoir, Herkimer County, man and dog fall through ice
Photo by Erica Nilsson on Unsplash

DEC Forest Ranger Bills used ice rescue gear, a personal flotation device and rope to pull me rescuer and dog back to shore. With the help of Newport Fire Department and New York State Fire the crews were able to get man and mutt safely to shore.

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