Remember way back in a simpler time when one of the biggest things people were all up in arms about was the plastic bag ban? Seriously, people were freaking out because they were going to have to buy reusable bags for their groceries. Heck, Stewart's Shops even put out collectible, commemorative plastic bags. They were tongue-in-cheek, of course, but I bet a bunch of people did collect a few as a memento.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit and disposable bags seemed like a much better option. I remember going to my local Hannaford in Averill Park with a bunch of reusable grocery bags after the ban took effect, but they told me I couldn't use them because they could have coronavirus on them. So, what did I do? I used the plastic know the ones that were banned March 1. Stores all over New York starting using plastic bags again and it was almost like the ban never existed.

Well, now it's official, the Department of Environmental Conservation has put a hold on enforcing the ban several times after being sued by one bag manufacture according to That lawsuit in addition to the coronavirus outbreak pretty much put the single-use plastic bag ban on hold.

Right now, no one is sure when, or if the plastic bag ban will go back into effect and be enforced. The Department of Environmental Conservation has announced that they will give 30 days' notice before starting to enforce the plastic bag ban again.


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