From "Polar Express" to completely-stalled.  The "Polar Express" will apparently not be coming back to Saratoga Springs this winter, according to an article posted today by the Times Union.  It might be a little bit early to start thinking about the holidays, but it certainly isn't too early to start thinking about the winter.  I mean heck, back in 1987 there was a crippling snowstorm in October.

So unfortunately, while the "Polar Express" is a staple to some for the winter and holiday season, it won't be returning to Saratoga Springs.  Apparently it's all because of the inability to settle a dispute over monies that are allegedly owed in royalty-fees.  There is however still another train that will be operating under a separate rail company- the Adirondack Scenic Railroad- out by Utica for the holiday season.  Get all the details at the Times Union.

I was never a huge "Polar Express" person.  If you've read my other blogs, you know I'm a Halloween fanatic.  So my holiday traditions are more "Nightmare Before Christmas" style.  But nonetheless, it's kind of a bummer for people who enjoyed this staple.