Forget saying in New York. Forget saying in the United States. According to Pollstar, SPAC is among the top 20 for attendance in the world!

I was reading an article about the top concert venues in Upstate New York from for attendance in 2018 and stumbled across this fact. I know its one of the best ones in the Country. Year in and year out you see facts about SPAC being a powerhouse among amphitheaters in the US. But I never would have thought in the world.

Let's get into some number and stats about attendance for the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

The venue hosted a fair amount of shows this summer, 27 in total. However, that seems low to me. Shows for genres ranging from Country to Rock to Hip-Hop. Of those 27 shows, 311,729 people walked through the gates for entertainment. That makes an average of around 11,500 per show.

Here is the link proving SPAC is among the best of the best from Pollstar!

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