Call the National Guard, we are under attack by space manatees… oh wait never mind, it’s just naked drunk kids.College life is the best, you’re meal comes from a card, you don’t have to worry about paying rent or electric bills and you find random acts of romance around every corner. I swear to you this is the sweetest scene I have ever witnessed and it happened right near me on the campus of UAlbany. I got teary eyed just from this short clip because of the pure beauty of romance, but I can only image how my reaction would have been if I saw this in person.

Had it been me stumbling into an elevator containing a naked wildebeest snuggled up to “Slender Man” cupping his own junk I may have wept harder then the first time I saw the “Notebook”. This elevator love is the most beautiful thing on earth!

What’s The Most Wild Thing You Walked In On?

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