County Legislature passed a law this week that will continue to prohibit sparklers and and other small fireworks in Schenectady County.

According to The Daily Gazette, a new county law regarding the use of sparklers in Schenectady County was passed on Tuesday because of a change in state law in 2017. The fireworks were initially banned due to complaints from residents saying that the legalization of the small fireworks would open the possibility of people using larger arial fireworks. A 2005 incident where a sparkler was tossed into a Schenectady Housing Authority building causing the the building to be destroyed by a fire led to the initial ban. "In 30 years with the department we have seen issues with all kinds of fireworks. Specifically, the sparklers are just as hazardous and dangerous as any firework" said Fire Chief Raymond Senecal.

What are your thoughts on sparklers being illegal in the area? I find it silly personally. I remember as a kid, playing with sparklers with other neighborhood kids where I grew up. Innocent fun is all I can recall it being.