New reports say both the domestic spy agency NSA and our most popular spy agency, the CIA, have been monitoring video games and video game-related software.

The report was done in partnership with The New York Post, The Guardian and ProPublica. The report was based on documents obtained by The Guardian.

The gaming communities that were monitored include World of Warcraft, Xbox Live, and Second Life. There were other games mentioned in the top secret documents such as many popular FPS games, but the focus seems to be that of in-game chat and email services.

The NSA and CIA seemed to be focused on how terrorists could use these forms of communication to interact with each other. The spy agencies even went as far as setting up fake "fake" identities to recruit informants.

Seems a little overboard, but at this point we don't think many people will be surprised by this new info. The only question next: where haven't the American people been spied on?