On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they were talking about phantom cell phone towers and the N.S.A. violating our privacy. I am conflicted about this, because the Government is watching me without my permission, but they have never made fun of my spelling and grammar. 


The Government is watching me and they have never shared any of my status updates, retweeted any of my tweets. Not even a like, a favorite or even a dislike on one of my YouTube videos.

I never got a notification that they are now following me. I never got a friend request from them ether.

I don't think that this is fair because I always hear about how the Government is watching everyone else, and I would like for them to watch me. I could use the views on my videos.

Like most of you on twitter and Facebook, I have nothing to hide. I rarely post where I am, who I am with and what I am doing in my status updates. I think I should start, then the Government would follow me to.

I don't understand, because I follow people to on twitter and facebook. Wouldn't that make me the Government's competition?

What if I find out something before them?

I could mention them, share what I found out on their wall or tag them in the status, but they are not following me. So I won't. OUT OF SPITE!!! Until they start following me.

But they are not.

Thanks Obama.