Twitter seems to be overtaking the population of the world and even professional athletes are jumping on board with the fad. 


Now most of what is on Twitter is complete nonsense.  The updates are vague and unless Kanye West is on the computer they are usually a little boring.  Athletes have taken to Twitter to update with their fans during games and voice their opinions on any all situations on the planet.  They have millions of followers and it even forced the NBA to put a new rule in place that doesn't allow players to use social media networks during a game, including halftime.  Detroit Piston Charlie Vilanueva got into a bit of trouble a couple years back when he was more concerned about "tweeting" during games than playing hard until the end.

It is funny to see a network like ESPN go to twitter to see what Lebron James is saying about the Charlie Sheen situation.  These social media networks have given everyone in the world a voice, but maybe some don't need to sue it as much.  Nick Swisher used his twitter page to get onto peoples fantasy baseball teams.  Not a bad move.  The more popular twitter accounts belong to guys in the NBA.  Since the world cup two of soccer's biggest stars have gained huge followings.  So who are the most popular athletes tweeting?  I think that number one may surprise you.  Lebron James remains in the top 10, but since "the decision" he has actually lost followers.

1. Shaq - follow here

2. Kaka - follow here

3. Serena Williams - follow here

4. Cristiano Ronaldo - follow here

5. Dwight Howard - follow here

6. Paul Pierce - follow here

7. Chad Ochocinco - follow here

8. Reggie Bush - follow here

9. Lebron James - follow here

10. Nick Swisher - follow here

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