I don't know who decided to make new movies about all the things I like, but thank you.

There are so many good movies coming out. Marvel, D.C., Star Wars and now we get to add Star Trek to the list as well.

I've really enjoyed this alternate universe Star Trek TOS. The casting is spot on and the action doesn't feel forced. I'm not really sure what we're dealing with in this new movie, and that has me excited. Seriously, I can usually tell what's going on from watching the show or older movies or even the extended universe, but this one, I'm not even sure I'm familiar with the aliens we're dealing with in this one. Yes I do realize using aliens in a movie not based on a specific planet doesn't really make sense, but it's what they say in Star Trek and I'm going with that flow.

Star Trek Beyond looks like it'll be hitting theaters on July 22nd.