The Enterprise crew will face its greatest enemy yet in 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' Benedict Cumberbatch's mysterious John Harris will bring destruction and chaos to many, and now it looks like Zachary Quinto's Spock might not make it to the end of this story either.

All the trailers and even one of the character posters teased one Spock-centric scene where he dives into an active volcano, and now we get an even better look at his mission in the first clip from 'Star Trek Into Darkness.'

In it, we see Spock after he implants a device within the volcano to render it inert, which will "render him inert." But things never go according to plan and the beloved character is trapped amidst the lava with no way out and no foreseeable way for the Enterprise to beam him out of harm's way. "The needs of the many outway the needs of the few," he says. Will the volcano take his life or will he live to fight another day?

Check out the first 'Star Trek Into Darkness' clip below, coming courtesy of AOL Entertainment.