Perhaps the title was a pretty clear indication of what to expect, but 'Star Trek Into Darkness' looks a little bleak, huh? For a series that's been built on the concept of humanity standing together and bettering itself, it sure is odd to see the phrase "Earth will fall" in a newly released TV spot.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' has already screened for some critics (read our own Jordan Hoffman's review here) and the reaction has been mixed, with many continuing to embrace JJ Abrams' rebooted universe and others getting fed up with it. Like all of the other trailers and TV spots, this one shows off what looks like an incredibly exciting, beautifully made thrill ride of a movie...but is it really a 'Star Trek' movie? Are old school fans going to be turned off by all of this? Granted, "old school" Trek fans only make up a tiny fraction of the people who'll go see this movie, but it's the principle of the matter!

'Star Trek Into Darkness' opens on May 17th. What do you think? Are you still excited by new 'Star Trek' films?