They do consider this a fair warning, as I would as well. Be very mindful what you are doing on the roadway.

Now, I am an offender on both things they are advising against. I have had a ticket for texting and driving and a ticket for speeding. Thankfully both were reduced down. They are in the middle now of what they call "Speed Week" a week where they crack down on the obvious, speeding. I ride on the North-way to and from work everyday. I see people fly at at least 75 mph and am baffled.

Sure, I used to speed. That is just asking for a cop to pull you over. You may want to tone it down or you may be ticketed. I also see people texting, which is just so dangerous. Since my ticket I don't even look at my phone anymore while driving. A split second can cause too much devastation. That is yet another thing that the state boys are on the lookout for.

Just be safe and careful as this crackdown lasts until Tuesday, August 8th. Maybe also consider stopping after the crackdown too. It is far safer.

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