A concerned citizen offers sage like advice to America, because her spirit was sad or something, that's not important, what is important is everything this woman has to say. 


So remember kids!

Go swimming at the beach!

Not at the ocean!

That's the sharks house!

And everything and anything that comes into your kitchen, or your house can be and will be consumed!

But what happens when you go into another person's house?

Can they eat you because you are in their house?

I am going to stop that thought right there.... I should not have to explain why.

Back to the wisdom!

Don't go into the bear's house! Go to the park! not the forest!

Wait what about mosquitoes? Does that mean the world is their house?

But frogs eat bugs, and if a frog comes into my house I may eat the frog....

I am thinking about this too much, I should just watch this video again and do whatever this woman tells me to do.

She's brilliant!