Hair metal rockers Steel Panther surprised onlookers with an impromptu performance of their hit song "Community Property" on the streets of London. The band was their promoting an upcoming cd/dvd release. According to, the band's cd/dvd titled Live from Lexi's Mom's Garage is an acoustic live set that features four brand new songs. It will contain cuts like "Fat Girl" is due out this Friday, Feb. 26 and will feature songs "Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)", "Gloryhole", and "Death to All But Metal" along with the new songs "Say Yea!", "That's When You Came In", Michael Don't Know", and Grindy and Sexy". the set is due out this Friday, Feb. 26. Steel Panther are known for their profane, and very funny lyrics portraying the 1980's hair metal lifestyle.  Their 2009 album Feel the Steel  featured the song "Death to All But Metal" with Corey Taylor of Slipknot. Comedian Sarah Silverman appears in the music video. Check out the recent performance from London below.

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