I've been torn on whether or not to do a "top list" post, as there are so many great ones circulating on the internet around the holidays and as the New Year approaches.  However, as I got ready to celebrate Christmas Eve today, standing in my bathroom with my hair half-saturated with purple hair dye, playing on my phone going through my music library, I came across some Holiday-themed rock gems that I love.  And at that moment, my purple-hair-dye soaked head decided to do a top 5 holiday rock song list for you readers! All songs of which I have yet to ever hear in the radio, but from my favorite rock bands:

1) Rise Against "Making Christmas"

2) Blink 182 "Happy Holidays, You Bastard"

3) Steel Panther "The Stocking Song"

4) NOFX "X-mas Has been X'ed"

5) Bad Religion "Father Christmas"

Enjoy the holiday season all of you rock fans!!! And stay tuned, I'll be doing posts this week on the top live concerts I attended this past year, and what the bands are up to for the new year.


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