So super model Stephanie Seymour could get any man in the world but for some reason it looks like she is pretty in love with her 18 year old son.

At first glance it looks like Stephanie Seymour has found herself a young lover, but guess again.  It is infact her 18 year old son.  Now this is just plain creepy.  They are all over each other in these pictures in ways you should never see a parent and a child. Now maybe they have a very close relationship and shame on all of us for judging them, but this is as creepy as those photos of Hulk Hogan applying sun tan lotion to his daughters inner thighs.  Whats wrong with celebrities?   You can check out the full gallery of "family fun" at

On a side note.  Besides the creepy embraces with her son, Seymour is still smoking hot.  So be in envy of her weirdo son, because you know you wish it were you.