You love giving presents, but you don't like wrapping. Or maybe, you love to give it your all when it comes to wrapping a gift. I must confess, I am terrible at it. Never cut a straight line; always have access paper left and taping; forget it! If you are like me, gift bags are heaven-sent! But if you want to put some effort into it and have some time today, here are ideas to add that special touch.

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If you are wrapping with plain Kraft paper, decorate it with big, multicolored polka dots to make a gift pop!


Or add candy canes to the wrapping to make the gift even sweeter (like what I did there)!


If you have multicolor tape, try to tape the box alternating horizontal and vertical stripes to mimic a ribbon.


Still, get the newspaper? Wrap with the crossword section or print out a crossword puzzle.


If you baked Christmas cookies, add one or two to the top of the box. Either tie a string through the cookie or use glue. I suggest you let the person know you used glue if you went that route, so they don't eat it.

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