On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they had a segment about the most shoplifted Christmas item, it was Baby Jesus, with that in mind: Would you steal a something and give it away as a Christmas gift? Would you accept a stolen Christmas gift?

The Grinch Played By Jim Carrey Conspires With His Dog Max To Deprive The Who's Of Thei
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I would only steal something for someone for Christmas if the person would appreciate it but that means that they're probably on the naughty list to begin with and should not be receiving a present, so I guess I have nothing to worry about, or steal.

Stealing something and giving it away as a Christmas present is one thing, receiving a Christmas present that was stolen is another, how do you react when the person who gave you the present tells you that it was stolen?

If you reject it, you will hurt their feelings after they worked so hard to steal it.

What if someone stole something and gave it to your kids for Christmas and tells you that your kids Christmas presents were stolen, what do you do?

I'll tell you what you do, wait until your kids are sleeping and get rid of the stolen gift, or keep that one gift around for when they act up and break it in front of them when they act up.

In Conclusion: This subject makes for a very awkward situation and I find it amusing because I am a jerk and I blame the Grinch for the existence of this particular type of situation. Shame on you Dr. Seuss! For putting the idea into our heads.

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