I am a total gear head. I work on cars, Jeep, and trucks all the time. My garage is my home away from home and the last thing I want to happen there is a tragic accident.

One of the most important, and often overlooked, pieces of safety equipment are jack stands. I personally know of two people that were working underneath vehicles without jacks stands and the vehicle slipped off the floor jack and fell on them. They were injured but luckily survived.

I have always used big heavy-duty 6-ton jack stands when I work under a vehicle especially my Jeep. I have used Harbor Freight jack stands for years and have always felt they were good quality and a good value. I think I actually have six of them in my garage right now. Unfortunately, they have been recalled because of a design flaw that could make them very dangerous.

If you've got a set of Harbor Freight jack stands somewhere in your garage, stop using them immediately. These bad jack stands could suddenly fail and are extremely dangerous and being underneath a car supported by one could very easily result in serious injury or death.

According to Harbor Freight, the recall applies to three-ton and six-ton heavy-duty steel jack stands with item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197. The number on the three-ton units can be found on the label at the top while the six-ton stands have their numbers printed in the yellow section of the label found on the base.

If you own these stands, you can bring them to your a Harbor Freight Tools location where they can be exchanged for a gift card equal to the "shelf price" of the stands in question. Find your nearest Harbor Freight HERE.

If you know of a fellow gear head that works on vehicles please pass this information on to them. It could save their life.

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