How often do you actually go in and clean your belly button?  You may want to pay more attention to the area as scientists found over 1,400 mico-bacteria in there including 622 new ones that science has never seen.


I guess I have never really though about what's lurking inside of my belly button. Turns out maybe we all should be paying a little bit more attention to it.

Now either scientists were really curious or really bored.  Either way, they discovered just about 1,400 different microbes inside the human belly button alone.  The more disturbing part is that 622 of them are new to science.  Gross.  I guess it makes sense though.  Your belly button is a warm little spot that would be ideal for breeding germs and bacteria.  You're always sweating and some of that belly sweat has to go somewhere.  Bottom line is, we need to clean our belly buttons better.  I wonder if they'll find a cure for cancer inside of there? More on the study can be found here.

To cleanse our minds of this nastiness,  lets take a look at this nice little gallery I put together of some of the sexiest midriffs in the world right now.  Enjoy, and try not to think about all the germs.

In case that wasn't enough to wash your mind clean of all the germ talk, lets take a look at this classic video from Miss Britney Spears. That should do the trick. I don't care how many germs are in that belly button, holy hotness.