Bacon is a meat of the gods — a perfectly greasy man-snack that's acceptable in any and all situations. For starters, there's bacon shaving cream, bacon maple ale and a meaty, bacon coffin. You name it, we're on board. Of course, the best way to enjoy the salty strips is by chowin' down on the stuff. We recently came across the greatest product to hit the candy market — brown sugar, maple and bacon lollipops.

The geniuses over at Suckerborne came up with the master sucker that actually contains real chunks of bacon. It's a perfectly sweet and salty combo, and if you're not drooling yet, check out how these treats are made: "We rolled premium hardwood-smoked bacon chunks around in 'melt in your mouth' brown sugar and dropped it into the rich sweetness of the best (Vermont) maple syrup concoction you've ever tasted..." All we can say is holy bacon goodness!

Brown sugar, maple and bacon lollipops are one of those insanely delicious foods to which we want to make sweet, sweet love and keep suckin' on them till we can't suck no more. Excuse us; we need a moment.

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