First of all, I had declared myself the unofficial trash talker of the Detroit Lions at the beginning of the season. When I found out that Suh was going to be suspended for the Lions/Cowboys playoff game I thought that it was unfair, I am not alone.  


Because Suh's reputation and history with the very short, cry baby quarterback Aaron Rodgers was indeed a factor in Suh's suspension. If it were not, then why did the NFL overturn the decision.

I smell a conspiracy!

Ether the wife of Lion's very tall quarterback Mathew Stafford is on to something in claiming that the NFL babies "Little Man" Aaron Rogers or the NFL just got caught trying to hand the Dallas Cowboys a helping hand toward the Superbowl.

The one-game suspension has been overturned and Suh will instead pay a $70,000 fine, for making poor little Aaron cry.

That makes me happy, not just because I am a Lions fan, but because I feel that Suh does not deserve the reputation he gets for his actions on the field. Because he keeps it on the field. I do not consider him to be a dirty player, but an intense player.

Now here is the part where I call you all a bunch of hypocrites, because when it comes to the topic of Suh being a free agent. Giants fans, Bills fans, Jets fans, 49er fans and any other fan of any other team that would interested in Suh suddenly forget about his bad reputation.

I am Dan America and I am the unofficial trash talker of the Detroit Lions.