So tonight  we get another chance to see the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers from the comfort of our own couch. And these guys look impressive! For a couple years Aaron Rodgers has been the man as far as fantasy stats. But through their Super Bowl run and since then, he's simply... The Man.

 After saying all this you'd think that I would recommend laying the points with the Packers (-6.5) tonight. But you would be wrong. My theory is you can't be on top forever. Nobody's going undefeated again. The Patriots 16-0 routine was obscene and I don't expect to see that again in my lifetime. Not unless they decide to get rid of the salary cap.

But I'm not just taking the Falcons becasue I think Green Bay has to lose eventually. I like Atlanta because I they'll be more motivated for this game than any other so far. The Packers came into Atlanta during the Divisional round of the playoffs and routed the Falcons 41-28. Not only did they knock them out of the playoffs, but it was embarassing.  Atlanta has not been overly impressive this year (2-2) and would probably 1-3 had Michael Vick not been knocked out when they played the Eagles. But a big emotional win can turn everything around. And revenge can make you emotional.  
Many analysts often mention how the Falcons can pound the ball with Michael Turner. But Atlanta had gotten away from that this year. But that changed last week as Atlanta gave the ball to Turner 26 times. And besides, I think that they know that one of the best ways to stop Aaron Rodgers from scoring touchdowns, is to keep him off the field.  Bewtween the revenge factor and having a chance to upset the world chamions in your house on national TV I believe the Falcons will keep this one within the 6.5 points they are getting tonight and have a great chance of getting the out right win.