Check out this Brazilian dude with the biggest most fake disgusting muscle on planet earth. There is having a body image complex and then there is Arlindo de Souza. This old leather hunk of lumps considers himself a body builder. However, unlike most body builders Arlindo does not exactly look strong or healthy.

Arlindo has decided to up his game by using black market shortcuts. This dude didn’t just stop with the regular steroids and race horse products he moved on to heavy stuff. He has been injecting his muscles with a concoction of oils and minerals to put on none strengthening mass. Basically he has breast implants in his arms and other lumpy parts. So the muscles appear big but do not perform like they appear. It’s a lot like putting a spoiler on the back of your 1998 Honda civic.

PS: How much does this dude look like one of those things from “Nothing But Trouble”?