The madness has begun, the brackets are ready to be filled out and the 68 teams have been selected.  Syracuse, North Carolina, Kentucky along with Michigan State who actually won its conference tournament get the top seeds.  Syracuse leads the way in the Big East as the conference has nine teams in the tournament. As with any selection Sunday there are teams that are left wondering what could have been or what was the selection committee thinking?

Duke, Kansas, Missouri  are wondering why they are not number 1 seeds. Drexel, Seton Hall or Mississippi State had their bubble burst and didn't make the tournament at all.  Other teams left out include Miami, Northwestern, and Nevada. Meanwhile, Washington became the first team to win a regular-season title in a power conference and miss the tournament. WOW!

MAAC winner Loyola who beat Fairfield earned a #15 seed and will play against #2 seed Ohio State. Meanwhile the Iona Gails who won the MAAC regular season title received a at large bid and will play a play in game against Jimmer Fredette's former team BYU on Tuesday night where the winner will play Marquette on Thursday night.

Syracuse who lost to Cincinnati in the Big East semi finals will play #16 UNC/Asheville in East Region in Pittsburgh Thursday.

There are winners and there are losers but this is the time of year every college basketball lives for..let the MADNESS begin!