14 years ago, almost to the date, I had what I assumed was a routine medical procedure for a 40-year-old guy. As I came out of the haze of my colonoscopy I made a few jokes and was getting ready to go home when the nurse said, the doctor wants to speak with you. Moments later my life changed with these words, "you have cancer".

Instantly you are hit with a wave of several different emotions and everyone handles their diagnosis and treatment differently, I followed doctors orders and chose humor to get me to each milestone on the way to recovery, One young man from Syracuse chose the Buffalo Bills.

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There is a tradition of celebration when you have your final radiation treatment or your last round of chemo. In many hospitals you are asked if you would like to ring a bell to mark the occasion. According to Notoriety Sports Network, 11-year-old Joshy Hutchison of Syracuse is a huge Bills fan and he decided to celebrate his final chemotherapy session by, not only ringing the bell but to also jump through a table "Bills Mafia" style.

As the NFL season gets underway, stories like these, should remind us that it's more than just sports. It's being part of something, a belonging. When you feel you belong to something as special as the "Bills Mafia", you know you aren't alone. 11-year-old Joshy Hutchinson, you most certainly are not alone.

Crashing through a table is a long-standing tradition that is practiced in a number of celebratory occasion for the "Bills Mafia". Back in June Elizabeth Van Horn took the plunge on her wedding day.  


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