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A Month’s Worth of Coffee for Only 5 Bucks at Burger King
Forget paying five dollars for a fancy coffee.  How about five dollars for a month's worth of coffee instead..
Burger King announced a new monthly prescription program for coffee.  Called the BK Cafe Subscription program, the program offers a set monthly billing price and a c…
Boss Has Arrived
McDonald's debut the Big Mac way back in 1968 and since then nearly every fast food competitor has released their own variation. Burger King unleashed the Big King last year and now KFC Canada has the Big Boss.
Burger King Twitter Account Hacked
Hilarity erupted when someone hacked the Burger King twitter account and rebranded it as McDonald's. While some of the updates were a bit offensive, most of them are funny. Perhaps whopper123 was a poor password choice.
Fast Food Detour
David Kime Jr. wasn't the kind to check the nutritional content of his food. According to the World War II veteran's daughter Linda Phiel her dad's idea of a healthy meal was "lettuce on his burger."

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