There is a New York house for sale that was decorated as a love affair with fast food and it's crazy. The kitchen looks like a modern McDonald's complete with a kids section with old playland furniture. There are also tons of old fast food memorabilia like Ronald McDonald statues and stained glass that was used in McDonald's restaurants in the 70s.

The fast-food theme doesn't just start and end with McDonald's. It includes Burger King, Wendys, and White Castle too.

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To me, the weirdest part of this $1,375,000 house that's listed on Zillow is that none of the fast-food decor is mentioned in the listing at all. Some of it is just hung on the wall or placed in a room, but some of it, like the kitchen and the playland statues, look like they are a terminate part of the house.

There is also an arcade...I don't know if any of the fast-food stuff comes with the house, but I don't see how you could live there without it.

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