Will Bail Reform Actually Happen in New York?
Bail reform?  More criminals on the streets?  I’ve heard so many people talking about bail reform and what’s going to happen come January.
In case you haven’t heard, laws were passed earlier in the year which impact those being held after arre…
Law Passed By NY Senate To Charge Drug Dealers with Homicide
It's no secret that drug addiction is an issue, and a pervasive one at that.  Overdoses and opiates are constantly in the news, and to me this epidemic doesn't seem to be slowing down.  New York is working to try to bring some accountability to the dealers however, with the New York Senate passing a…
Basketball Coach Behind Bars For Secretly Recording Kids
As reported by News 10 abc, a basketball coach from Hagaman, NY is now behind bars for secretly filming kids.  John Salisbury, a volunteer girls basketball coach at St. Mary's Institute in Amsterdam, secretly set bathroom cameras to capture video of kids...
Criminal Responsibility Age To Raise
This is basically the law that will hold a 16 year old criminally responsible for their actions. New York is setting to raise the age. And there is more to the law which may impact you.
Bad Parking Job Lands Wanted Man In Jail
Don't you hate those guys that take up two spots when they park. Like their car is that important they need to make sure no one else parks near it. Well doing just that landed a Richmondville man in jail.
Man In Norfolk, England Gets Attacked By Oompa Loompas
Cop: what did the men look like? Man: well they were short and had green hair and faces painted orange! Cop: so you were assaulted by Oompa Loompas? Man: yes! This is a hypothetical conversation that could've arose when the victim of a random attack was being questioned by authorities.
Who’s The Hottest Albany Jailhouse Hottie?
It's another round of the hottest Albany Jailhouse Hottie.  These four fine beauties are representing the Albany Jailhouse this week.   We want to know who do you think is the hottest? Vote now.
Who’s The Hottest Albany Jailhouse Hottie?
These four roommates were arrested Saturday after hosting a party in their Albany Pine Hills apartment with underage drinking.   As police arrived they found two of the girls hiding in the bedroom while the other two ran away but were arrested when they went to South station to pick up their friends…