Best Fans in NFL-Ready for Another Buffalo BILLboard
As a Buffalo Bills fan, I am kind of biased when I say Bills Mafia is the best fanbase in the entire NFL. But now you don't have to hear it from me because, for two years in a row, Buffalo Bills fans were voted the best fans in the entire league.
Here’s How You Can Watch ‘Say Anything’ with John Cusack
A boy, a boombox, and summer love.  I'm talking about that classic movie scene where John Cusack stands with a silver boombox held high overhead, while his long brown coat drapes, and movie history was made forever.  Even people I know who HAVEN'T seen the movie classic &…
The Detroit Lions Finally Won, But Fans Are Still Upset (Video)
The Detroit Lions won their first game of the season yesterday, but this Detroit Lions superfan, is very upset about being ejected from the game.
And I thought I was a big Lions fan...
Being a Lions fan, may be the only thing I have in common with this guy, because I have never been ejected from any t…
The epic conclusion of the Dan America/Lauren Francesca Trilogy
In part 2 Lauren strikes back! If you watched part 1 and thought that I probably scared Lauren. You were wrong. Part 2 also proves that chicks dig a guy with a little Schnauzer. For some reason I can not post part 2 with the provided link, luckily its apart of the play list. So here is part 3! I gue…
SmackDown in Albany
Did you check out the WWE SmackDown TV taping at the Times Union Center the other night? Well if you were in attendance, chances are you can see yourself in these pictures.

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