Work- something that most of the time is a necessity.  That work-week grind can be exhausting.  And of course, there are all different types of work places, from offices to restaurants, to concert halls.

As someone who has always worked in both music and healthcare in my professional life, I stumbled across an article that really raised an interested question.  Should it matter what you look like at work.  Of course, you can't show up to an office in sweats or pajamas.  But I mean the 'rock and roll' look.

As you can see by the photo of me, I have a ton of tattoos.  From a sleeve to a leg to my back to half my other arm.  The real estate is getting covered.  My hair?  Well, its blonde but in the past it has been blue, purple, pink, and everything in between.  Sure I work in radio, so does it matter?  But, I also work as a nurse, and I also spent years working as a professor in nursing.  My crazy tattoos and hair cross the divide between the rock and the 'professional' realm.

In the article posted, former Miss Inked of Australia- now Dr. Sarah Gray- is fighting to break a stigma against that stereotypical 'rock and roll' look, particularly in healthcare.  The tattoos, the crazy hair.  The article hit home as someone who also loves tattoos and works in healthcare as well.  Sometimes I feel I have to cover my tattoos, sometimes I don't.  I've strayed away from colored hair recently, but should it matter? Does it effect the job we do?  To me, I say if you want to look like a rock star, look like a rock star as long as you get the job done.  Now- if you're working as a spy or an undercover cop, that may not work.  So it depends on the job.  But I am interested to hear your thoughts on this one!

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