Hudson River

Body Of 20-Year-Old Pulled From Hudson River
Imagine you're walking along the river banks of the Hudson and see something that looks like it could be a body. Usually, it turns out to be a loose article of clothing or a tree branch, but in this case, it was in fact the body of a deceased man.  Police responded to a call Wednesday afternoon from someone who claimed they saw the remains of a man in the Hudson River and shortly after, they recov
You’ll Never Believe What Had To Be Rescued from the Hudson River
Well, here's some weird news for you.  Of all the things to be rescued from the Hudson River, I'd say something worth $127,000 is worth it.  And if it's something that can help you walk and function daily?  Definitely worth it.  As reported by News Channel 13, someone lost their $127,000 prosthetic leg in the Hudson River, and the Corinth Volunteer Fire Department had to help retrieve it... Read M

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