Invasive species do not belong here but each of them traveled here via boats, suitcases, crates, planes and a variety of other modes of transportation. Once they take hold in our communities invasive species could wipe out native plants and animals and alter habitats. Our job is to get rid of them, destroy them kill them and in this case freeze them.

The invasive mitten crab has made it's way to New York State and, if you spot one, you need to remove it and FREEZE it and report your findings to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

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The mitten crab is native to East Asia yet has been found in New York waters. Confirmed sightings include the Hudson River, Nissequogue River and Long Island Sound. Adult mitten crabs have "furry" claws giving the impression they are wearing mittens. Younger mitten crabs may not feature the furry claws.

The mitten crab can be found in brackish waters as well as marine waters. The danger with this invasive species is the disruption of local ecosystems by out competing native marine life.

518 news, Mitten Crab, New York's invasive species, Hudson River, Long Island Sound

Should you spot the mitten crab in New York State there are a few things you are asked to do:

  • Take identifying photos
  • Note the precise location of discovery
  • Remove the mitten crab from the environment
  • FREEZE it
  • Report your findings to the New York State DEC via email -
518 news, Mitten Crab, New York's invasive species, Hudson River, Long Island Sound

5 of New York's Most Devastating Invasive Species

Here are 5 species that have invaded New York State and in some cases they must be killed. We are talking about fish that walk on land, plants that cause severe burns and insects that could wipe out a variety of crops that we rely on.

Keep an eye out for these species and you hike, work around the yard or do some fishing this year. Should you locate any of these it is important to report where and when you found them to the New York State DEC.

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