We have all heard of Jack the Ripper but what about the Albany Ripper and do you think YOU can catch him? Do you want to catch him?

CluedUpp Games specializes in outdoor gaming experiences and they are coming to the Capital Region Saturday June 26th to catch The Albany Ripper. This sounds similar to All In Adventures with their Escape Rooms and Mystery Rooms BUT this is outside! Sounds like a great, safe adventure during the pandemic AND it's inexpensive! TICKETS are $51 per team and you can have up to 6 players. That is only $8.50 per person. Yes, I needed my calculator.

I like that you can assemble your own team (2-6 players) so that you don't have to play with some doofus who will be fact checking from Encyclopedia Britannica. In addition to a team you only need one smartphone and a team name. I will go with the "Ripper Reapers" because it sounds cool. Play for pride and prizes. There are a variety of categories and opportunities to win.

Esquire lists the 15 best murder mysteries "for the detective in you." Maybe you could watch some of these as a study guide to your Summer adventure?

If you can't wait for Summer check out the indoor adventures around the Capital Region.

Refer to their individual sites for hours of operation as some may have changed or temporarily closed due to the pandemic. All of these sound like a great way to have a mystery come to life and YOU are in it.


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