Metallica’s Million Dollar Donation to Community Colleges
Metallica has gone and totally one-upped themselves.
As 2018 comes to an end, the organization ‘All Within My Hands’, funded by Metallica, has raised a ton of money and is not putting it to use.  The Times Union reported that money raised by events such as a benef…
Local School Reacts to Prank Call With Preparedness
In a now-resolved situation, a prank call by a student went wrong this week at Cohoes High School, causing a very real scare.  As News Channel 13 reported, a student made a prank call to the school, threatening school violence.  More specifically, News Channel 13 report…
Schools Can Screen For Obesity
Well at first you may be baffled that Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a bill allowing this, but then you think about it and actually, its a good thing.

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