Troy High Grad to Play With Bruce Springsteen on SNL
Bruce Springsteen is playing Saturday Night Live this weekend for the fourth time in his career. If you went to Troy High, and you look closely you might see someone you recognize. Jack Daley, who went to Troy High is playing bass for the E. Street Band Saturday night.
Albany Gets A Skit On SNL
SNL, something many people record for a pick me up to watch on a lazy Sunday. If you haven't seen. Albany had a mention here.
SNL Takes on the #OscarsSoWhite Controversy, Nails It
When the 2016 Oscar nominations were announced nearly two weeks ago, the response to the overwhelmingly white line-up of talent proved instantly controversial. Film fans and industry veterans alike gathered around the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag to make their voices heard, especially decrying how films s…
'Star Wars' Screen Tests
With Star Wars: The Force Awakens less than a month away from release and anticipation reaching a feverish level unseen in movie fans since 1999, the timing is right for SNL to gently skewer the upcoming sequel. The sketch is really just an excuse for the cast to break out a bunch of impersonations …

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