Credit Card Theft
Approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts used by Target customers may have been impacted by a major data breach, the retailer said Thursday. Customer names along with credit and debit card numbers may have been accessed, as well as the expiration date and three-digit security code on the back of each card, the store said.
New Oreo Flavor
Seems like that somebody has to always mess with a good thing and try to "improve" what is already proven. Don't believe me? Target has released their "summer exclusive" flavor of Oreo cookies and it's Watermelon.
Breastfeeding In Public – Appropriate Or Not? [POLL]
I heard a news story over the weekend where a woman who was "treated poorly" at a Target for breastfeeding her baby in the middle of the store.  They asked her if she would like to go to a private spot, which she replied no and then they asked her to leave.  So right or wrong?
Top Five Black Friday Retail Store Stampedes [VIDEO]
The doors open at midnight on Black Friday and the mad dash inside to get the deals and the insanity begins.  People fall, kick, scream, and get hurt all to save a few bucks on a crock pot or 32 flat screen TV.   We compiled the Top 5 You Tube videos of Black Friday Stampedes.