Text in to Win
The Who's Pete Townshend will be performing their classic rock opera in it's entirety with the help of a few friends on Saturday, September 2nd and the Q wants to send you to the show!
The Dangers Of Texting While Walking
This poor girl didn't even see it coming.  She is minding her own business, texting away to her friends when this bully of a fountain gets all up in her face.   I love how she just gets up and walks away like it never happened!
Get Live Linkin Park By Text Message
For their 2011 North American Tour Linkin Park is giving back by making each of their concerts available as a live digital recording.  So you can get a copy of the concert you attend just by texting the code corresponding to your show!
Texting Could Save A Life
The Albany Police Department has just started an anonymous text tip line for you to get them information quicker while remaining out of the spot light.