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Hudson Valley Actor Is A Savage On NBC's "Young Rock"
For a Hudson Valley guy, pretending to be a famous celebrity is actually his job and he just landed a "flying elbow drop" on a new role! reports that Poughkeepsie native, Kevin Makely, plays Randy “Macho Man” Savage on NBC’s “Young Rock.”!
MCMR: Rampage takes on the Super Mario Movie
Another week, another choice of movies to see. They get expensive, so don’t waste your money- let us waste ours and tell you what a movie is worth!  Or, if you want to stay home and watch a flick at home, Q103’s Dan America has your ‘downloadable&Close…
Rev Theory Talks Wrestlemania
Rich Luzzi of Rev Theory had a very eventful weekend. The band was in New Orleans for WWE's Wrestlemania 30 event where they performed the theme for Randy Orton's entrance to the ring.
The band was also involved in many of the festivities meeting many legends like Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and even Mr. T…
WWE Releases Unused Title Belt Designs
The WWE changed the design of its main championship title earlier this year. After forcing us to stare at the ugliest design in the 50-year history of the belt for nearly eight years, The Rock debuted the new title on "RAW" in February after Elimination Chamber 2013...
WWE WrestleMania 28 Preview
It’s late March and people who generally leave the room when you talk about wrestling are starting to ask questions like, “The Undertaker is still wrestling!?” which can mean only one thing: ‘WrestleMania’ season is upon us.
The Rock Returns [VIDEO]
Can you smell what The Rock is cookin? Dwayne Johnson is returning to wrestling. The artist still known as The Rock was introduced as the surprise host of Wrestlemania 27.

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