Pro Baseball Games to Start an Hour Earlier in 2019
In 2019, some MLB games may be starting an hour earlier.
Sunday night games to be exact.  I've seen this now in a couple different places, but originally read the report at abc news, and I have to say, I'm a total fan of the idea. Plus, it looks like this will affect four Yankees-…
Daylight Savings Time 2013
How quick is time flying? Mad quick yo!! I hate when people say that. Seriously though, it seems like we were just gaining an hour of sleep as we fell back and now, well, it's time to go ahead and Spring forward. Boooo!!
What Time Is It At Albany’s City Hall?
Depending upon what side you look at clock tower above Albany's City Hall will tell you what time it is... maybe. If you are standing on the west side, you won't know what time it is until you look at the north, south or east side, because the west side clock is missing. The clock has bee…
Giants Pitcher Needs To Shave
Brian Wilson is a phenomenal pitcher in the MLB, however he has a disgusting beard going right now and unless his next job is a pirate I think it's time for a shave.

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