Who will the editors of Time name as the 2020 "Person of the Year"? They have narrowed the list from 80 or so nominees down to the final 4.

Governor Andrew Cuomo did not have what it takes to be TIME "Person of the Year" 2020 even though he was in the running along with Taylor Swift, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan and many more. None of which made the cut apparently.

Thursday morning the 4 finalists were announced on NBC's Today Show and they are, in no particular order:

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden
  • President Donald Trump
  • Frontline Healthcare Workers and Doctor Anthony Fauci
  • The Movement for Racial Justice

Are you saying to yourself, I thought the Frontline Workers and Doctor Anthony Fauci already won? Well, you would be correct, in a way. They won the Time Readers Poll for "Person of the Year 2020" but the official result is determined by the editors of Time.

A collection of editors will consider the person or group that affected the news or our lives the most. The Person of the Year will be announced tonight at 10 on NBC during the first ever TIME Person of the Year broadcast special.

I had my chance to voice my opinion with the readers poll but "time" slipped away from me and I didn't vote. Mine would have been for the frontline healthcare workers and Doctor Anthony Fauci so I am happy they won the hearts of the reader poll.

In the past there has been some controversy with the results. One example took place in 1998 when the readers poll identified professional wrestler Mick "Mankind" Foley as "Person of the Year" yet the editors went with the pair of President Bill Clinton and lawyer Ken Star. Readers were outraged as they felt they had the power to name the honor.


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