Kid Rock’s Explosive Tirade Gets Rocker In Trouble
Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons can step aside- someone else is taking over the headlines with a recent rant caught on film.
Kid Rock is no stranger to controversy, but he's facing some new business repercussions after a November tirade caught on video against Oprah Winfrey, and some follow-up tweet…
Tan Mom Returns
Nothing says “Summer” like Tan Mom. She’s got all the features of a baseball mitt and the flavor of a hot dog.
Ryan Gosling – Aspen’s Crush of the Night
Ryan Gosling last summer filmed a movie in Schenectady. I wanted to meet him so bad, I even tried out for the movie. I love this dude he seems so cool, down to earth and as we can all see with our eyes a good looking guy. So Ryan Gosling your my crush of the night.

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