Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons can step aside- someone else is taking over the headlines with a recent rant caught on film.

Kid Rock is no stranger to controversy, but he's facing some new business repercussions after a November tirade caught on video against Oprah Winfrey, and some follow-up tweeting.  According to USA Today, TMZ had posted a video of Kid Rock at his steakhouse in Nashville making some profane-laced statements about Oprah Winfrey.  Apparently, some other talk show hosts were mentioned too, like Kathy Lee Gifford and Joy Behar.

OK, so I have to say, I love Kid Rock's music, and I'm not really a personal fan of any of the talk show hosts that he mentioned.  I just don't honestly like their talk shows, I'd much rather listen to music.  But maybe a reportedly drunken tirade isn't the way to go?

After the rant was posted (you can see some of the comments he made here), he responded.  USA Today reports that Rock tweeted about a time years ago when he was asked to do the Winfrey show, and he was told he had to list 5 reason why he loved her and her show, followed by some more vulgar language.

Now, it seems the rocker is not going to be renewing his licensing agreement for his Detroit-based restaurant.  From what I could find at CBS 6 Albany, the restaurant was housed in the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.  An official statement that was released reported that Kid Rock voluntarily decided not to renew the agreement, but also specifically made mention that the “venues are open, inviting, inclusive and respectful to all" (CBS 6 Albany).

Have you watched the tirade?  What are your thoughts.



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